Angus Cattle

We have been operating our commercial Angus cattle ranch since 2005. Starting in 2014, we will offer the largely in-demand replacement heifers for purchase.

One of the biggest challenges facing beef producers is the procurement and development of replacement heifers. The lifetime efficiency of beef females can be improved by calving heifers at two years of age. This can be achieved by working with knowledgeable ranchers who provide optimal nutrition and management for the growing replacement heifer.

commercial-angus-cattle-ranchThat’s where we come in. Our Ranch Manager is Ken Jarosz, who is a graduate of Texas Christian University’s Ranch Management Program. Ken joined Miller Double A Ranch in the fall of 2007 as the cattle manager.  He has been involved in the cow-calf, stocker and feeding sectors of the cattle industry for the last 20 years. Ken and his wife, Kellye, have two young sons, Paden and Spencer.

At Miller Double A, we take pride in our success rate – we have a 95 percent live birth rate for our calves.  Our commercial Angus herd produces heifers that carry maternal qualities of phenotype design with lots of depth and expression of muscle in their top, heavy bones and adequate milking abilities.  Heifers that meet these criteria are kept as replacements, artificially inseminated with leading bulls in the industry and are offered for sale.  The cows are then bred to Registered Angus bulls, selected from breeders such as Express Ranches, that meet a very specific criteria based on EPD’s and phenotype.   The bulls are selected based on traits that would enable them to perform from the pasture and to the feedlot with rapid growth and the ability to grade.

Please e-mail or call Ken Jarosz at 940-782-3345 if you are interested in making an appointment to visit our cattle ranch, or have any questions.