2019 Harvest Fees

Red Deer Hunts

Trophy Stag: $6,500

Red deer have been successfully introduced to hunting ranches across the United States. As the fourth largest deer species they are often compared to elk because of their physical similarities. They first made their appearance to our ranch in 2010. Our initial herd of 8 cows and 2 bulls quickly expanded with the addition of new imports and successful breeding. We now house a sustainable herd and sell hunts annually to help manage the population in our high fence.

Whitetail Hunts

Buck Hunts:

  • Up to 159: $3,500
  • 160-179: $4,750
  • 180-199: $6,750
  • 200+: Price on request

Our ranch maintains a breeding operation for white tailed deer as well as a native population within the high fence. Our MLD status allows us to hunt in the high fence longer than the state season. All bucks will be approximately scored by your guide before you shoot. If the actual score is more than expected you will not be charged additional fees if it falls within a higher cost category. A doe can also be taken at no extra cost during any of our trophy buck hunts.

Aoudad Hunts

Trophy Ram: $4,000

Aoudad were first introduced to our ranch in 2010. We now have two distinct herds occupying two sections of our high fence. They are often found in dense woody areas or on rocky outcrops. Their heightened sense of smell and family groups make this species a challenge to hunt in the field. Our preferred hunting method for the species is walk and stalk so bring good walking shoes!

Blackbuck Hunts

Trophy Male: $3,500

Blackbuck have thrived at the ranch and quickly spread into two breeding herds. Often there is a single dominant male with a harem of females while younger males remain on the outskirts. As male blackbucks mature they darken in color. Blackbuck hunts are limited due to the size of our herd so plan ahead.

Axis Hunts

Axis Buck Hunt: $4,000

Axis were introduced to the ranch in 2012. Their unique pattern and antlers make them stand out from the other deer species on the ranch. While Axis can be hunted year round we suggest summer hunts to give you the best chance at harvesting a buck with hardened antlers. 

Fallow Deer Hunts

Trophy Fallow Hunt: $4,000

Fallow made their appearance to the ranch in 2010 and we have continued to supplement and grow our herds. Fallow deer come in several shades and colors. If you are after a certain shade let us know and we will try to accommodate your request. As with all exotics fallow can be hunted all year but we suggest a fall/winter hunt to ensure you harvest a male with hardened antlers. 

Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunts

Trophy Male: $6,000

Scimitar horned oryx were pushed to extinction in their native range. In recent years reintroduction efforts have been done to reestablish oryx in Africa. These oryx came from breeding programs in the United States where they have thrived in both zoo settings and on private ranches. Our herd is small but continues to grow year by year. Oryx hunts are limited and must be booked early in the year to give you the best chance of getting a slot.

Zebra Hunts

One Zebra- $5,500

Zebra were introduced to our ranch in 2014 and quickly became dominate. We often see them driving other species away from feeders and food plots. Our herd is limited so book in advance. This hunt is for either a male or female.

Spring Turkey Hunt

Spring Special- $1,500

We offer a limited number of turkey hunts. This packages includes food and lodging for 2 nights and 3 days of hunting. Two birds can be taken per paid hunter. 

Hunt Add On List

Red Deer Hind: $1,000

Rams: $1,200

Does: $200


All hunts are subject to availability. A $1200 deposit will be needed to secure your date. This deposit is non-refundable. The deposit covers the daily hunt fee for 3 days of hunting, food, and lodging for your stay. In the event you do not take the animals you booked for you will not be responsible for any additional fees.

In general, hunts are 3 days either during the week (Monday-Wednesday) or over a weekend (Friday-Sunday). Other arrangements may be made with the agreement of our guides. During all hunts predators and pigs may be taken at no additional charge. Add on to hunts can be made at any time during your hunt.